06/03/22: RUINATION said good bye to vocalist Jonas
In March 21st 2006 RUINATION said good bye to its vocalist Jonas ńĆepulis. His contract obligations to others, his solo career curves and lost interest in what RUINATION does did not let the band express itself in its daily, creative activities and touring by leaving us no other choice, only start searching for a new vocalist.
06/03/08: Photo gallery updated today
We added a pack of photos from Bix birthday gig which took place in Vilnius, JUNE 3, 2005. We would like to thank Crazyte once again, for the great photos she supplies us with!
06/02/27: Download two Ruination live videos!
Finally, all of you have a chance to download two Ruination live videos in AVI Xvid format. These videos are from Rafes festival and Kreizhouse club gigs which took place in summer 2004. Big thanks goes to Crazyte, for this great service! Download info: each video takes around 300 MB of space, you need to FTP anonymously to to download them, but there's a limit of 10 users who can login at one time, so if you had no luck connecting into the server now, please try again later.
06/02/14: Band temprorarily stops her live appearances
Because of solo tours of Jonas, band temporarily stops her live appearances in gigs.
06/02/14: Lithuanian Alternative Music Awards
Ruination is nominated in 2 prestigeous nominations - "Album of the year" and "Metal band of the year" in A.LT (http://www.a-lt.org). The Awards show's date: February 15th, 2006.
06/02/14: Jonas' mobile phone stolen last weekend
Las weekend, under strange circumstancies band's vocalist Jonas had his mobile phone stolen.
06/01/03: "Gallery" page updated with new photos!
Today we uploaded 2 new pages with photos shot during "Sutemos" and "Velniu malunas" gigs in Vilnius, December 2004. Visit the "Gallery" page and check out these pages! Many thanks to our forum member Crazyte, who gave those photos to us to show on our site!
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