05/12/28: "Gallery" page updated with new photos!
We just added new photos in our "Gallery" section with 2 photo sessions, one - from Presentation of new album "Beyond" in Bix bar, Vilnius, December 2005 and another - from Ukmerge city festival in May 2005. We would like to thank Aliona for these photos!
05/12/21: RUINATION wishes you a Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas everybody, especially our beloved forum members, also - happy New Year, lots of fun for you, love, wealth, health and everything you missed! Don't forget us and we will not forget you too!
05/12/21: Finally MP3 of demo "Rests of Beauty" uploaded
Today, after many tries, we uploaded all 5 songs of famous "RESTS OF BEAUTY" demo. Big thanks go to our forum members DyNia who encoded those mp3 from audio casette and DReifZ, who sent them to us!
05/12/01: TV3 channel showed Ruination in reality show
Ruination buddies visited their vocalist Jonas at the reality show of local tv channel TV3 this evening. They had some good time to talk about band things and stuff and it was showed for all Lithuanian people at the best evening time.
05/11/25: Ruination discussion forum is working
Yes, that's true. From now on, we and you will all be able to spread our free speach on band's native forum board. Don't forget to visit the forum daily and share your thoughts about things. We are waiting for your thoughts. See ya
05/11/25: Trucks with BEYOND CDs arrived!
Finally, the first portion of the band's newest album BEYOND arrived. We gotta sort a lot of things with the boxes and what's where and then, it will be some slicing of the portions to give to the companies that are going to sell the discs.
05/11/25: Vytenis is preparing for the Hypocrisy show
Band's drummer Vytenis is preparing to visit Riga, Latvia where Peter Taghtgren, producer of Xura and Visionary Breed albums having a gig with his Swedish death metallers Hypocrisy. The suporters are the famous Exodus crew. Let's wait for Vytenis to return with his impressions.
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