05/11/25: Ruination guys will go to TV3 studio
Well, on Monday, 27th of September, band members are invited to visit TV3 channel's studio and film a short episode with the band. Nobody knows when it will be showed on TV and if it will be showed at all tho.
05/11/25: Exclusive interview for TV3 channel
Today Ainius gave an exclusive interview to the creators of popular reality show "Dangus" by TV3 channel. Journalists had their camera frozen and then they successfully shot 15 min. material about the band's vocalist Jonas taking part in the mentioned reality show.
05/11/25: New Ruination web site is ready
Finally the newest website is ready. It should become an internet portal to a band. The site is in test mode so far and users can't really enter it yet, but band members are testing the site by clicking on all buttons and links of the site.
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